The March of Scientists in Gainesville

Check and see from a better source the video by Noam Chomsky.
(My comments pale by comparison to what this brilliant mind has to say.) Here it is, nonetheless.
Being at the March of Scientists here in Gainesville, yesterday—Saturday, April 24, 2017—made me see that I was not so crazy, or somewhat alone, as I sometimes feel. Most people I’ve talked to within my circles, until recently, seemed not to have much interest in the state of the environment and its consequences. They preferred not to talk about it, responded with a “I don’t worry about it. I’ll be gone when things get ugly,” and even: “I won’t see it in my lifetime, so… or, “Don’t think about that; it doesn’t help. Besides, nothing can be done.” Or, “God is in charge, and/or Science will save us.” Or a combination of the two is the answer, or rather the explanation they give themselves not to act. Not knowing what’s going on, what can we do to slow down and make less miserable the debacle, remaining irresponsive and irresponsible or careless with how much we dump out there in terms of pollution, last but not least, denying that is imminent, that is here …Is only making things worst!!! We don’t have to see this as a moral question only—even though, as Dr. Christian Hedges puts: “It’s a moral imperative” to speak up and act to save the earth and us with it…It’s not just an environmental issue—it’s one of social justice (injustice, better) with our very own form of a peaceful existence. It’s the war of the corporations and its co-conspirators, against life itself. As they penetrate and dismantle the earth, sell the products of their rape (pillage, destruction) to the most valuable better. It’s as Dr. Hedges puts it: “Casino capitalism.” Value measured in dollars, not in lives, not in quality of life. Despite the coup-d’etat by the corporations, and the control exercised over peoples’ minds and wants, it’s just a question of numbers: WE ARE TOO MANY on the face of earth. Most wanting the same, sometimes unattainable goals: A house, a car, computer, etc…all to be renewed, tossed away or replaced by another 5 years or so later. Think about it–we are doomed if don’t do something soon, now! And most of us don’t care…Don’t give a damn.

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Born in Bogotá, Colombia. Studied and specialized in languages--maternal and foreig, anthropology, feminism, literature, social change and justice, environmental issues, and more.
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