Metamorphosis in Green

To my Grandchild Matilda Mati 3 y medio

How swiftly the birds of your love have nested on my shores
Springing life of sound and color in lands that even the Gods
Forgot! And I, the first who wanted to forsake, remain at odds
Before the soundness your light has brought onto my mores.

Ever so sweetly your spring warms up the fears of my lands
Gaily heartening pastures for long sunk in ice and desolation
Populated by ghosts that brought to the soul just devastation
In a garden whose seeds rarely flowered, suffocated by sands

Now is the time of metamorphosis: Misery has turned to bliss!
Though the creature was blind, it’d been touched by thee, child
And went up to reach high to plant the seed in a fresher new site.

I felt that you’d bring back the life in me that for so long I missed
That’s why you, miracle of heaven, brought as a rainbow on my sky
Have all the good herbs in my garden sprout, thanks to your might!

Acerca de Clara Sotelo

Born in Bogotá, Colombia. Studied and specialized in languages--maternal and foreig, anthropology, feminism, literature, social change and justice, environmental issues, and more.
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