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The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies is pleased to announce the inauguration of a new lecture series, "Entre nos". The goal of "Entre nos" is to offer our faculty, graduate students, and the university at large the opportunity to learn about and discuss the intellectual endeavors of SPS.

This lecture series is an excellent opportunity for students and faculty to share their current research and pedagogical innovations, and also allows graduate students to prepare for conference presentations and job interviews.

The opportunity of presenting at this lecture series is open to all members of SPS, and the topics of presentations can range from classroom practice to empirical research, and everything in between. Anyone who has something to share is encouraged to participate!

Click on Schedule to find the schedule of dates, times and locations for the presentations for the fall of 2014. The 4th column will fill as presenters like you sign up - to do so, please, write to Clara Sotelo at wandy@ufl.edu. After I receive proposals, I'll post the schedule on SPS webpage.